Frequently Asked Questions

  • How safe is my data?

    We take data privacy and protection very seriously.  

    Any program which records personally identifiable information (PII) or personal health information (PHI) needs to be held to the highest security and privacy standards. Public spreadsheets and poorly organized paper are not appropriate.

    All of our data is hosted on highly secure AWS servers and is encrypted both in transit and at rest.  

    Bird Level is both GDPR and HIPPA compliant. Our core team has extensive backgrounds in healthcare technology and a long track record of building highly secure applications.

  • What does Bird Level do to ensure privacy?

    Bird Level follows all of the best practices around data security and privacy.

    We will never share, sell, or distribute information to any 3rd party outside of your organization.

    All data, outside of the tracing process, is anonymous. Critical data required to manage COVID-19 outbreaks are kept strictly confidential and only exposed to key personnel. Confirmed cases are never made public.

    You can see our full Privacy Policy here.

  • How much does Bird Level cost for larger organizations?

    Every organization is different. We look forward to working with you to tailor Bird Level to your organization's specific needs.  

    Are you on a proprietary identity system that must be integrated into the check-in process? Do you need your card-key system to be dynamically integrated into the screening and capacity features of Bird Level? These possibilities and many others are available. Just reach out and let us know what you need.

    Based on your organization's special needs the price will vary, but we will always allow for unlimited spaces. The price per user gets lower at larger scales and the system has been built to handle extremely large loads. Get in touch and we will be happy to quickly provide you a cost-effective quote.

  • What sort of organizations is Bird Level useful for?

    Bird Level has a wide range of potential applications as the simplest tool for managing bringing people back on-site.

    In particular, Bird Level has been designed to help small and mid-sized offices reopen safely.

    Bird Level for education has been tailored for educational institutions helping manage both classrooms and other common spaces such as libraries.

    Because of the streamlined check-in process Bird Level can enable basic tracking of people outside your organization be they customers or patients.

  • How does Bird Level fit with other plans around reopening?

    Reopening physical locations to your employees or communities is a complex process with COVID-19 in the world. Bird Level can help provide both the understanding you need to help you do it safely as well as tools to physically track people coming on site.  

    Bird Level supplements the changes you make to your physical environment with both signs reminding your community of their responsibilities and data to help quickly address any outbreaks that do occur. The check-in logs can be used for your own contact tracing or in conjunction with government efforts as appropriate.

    You can read more about best practices for re-opening in this article by our CEO Topper Bowers.

  • Why the name "Bird Level"?

    Bird Level is all about providing the insights and data you need to keep your organization safe as you navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Bird Level provides the big picture and the context needed to build better safer plans and take swift informed action when it is necessary.

    Bird Level "flies above" to provide the perspective to make the best, safest decisions possible.

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