Simplify Your Safe Return to Campus

Secure Touchless Entry

Customizable QR codes enable quick and efficient check-ins for every location you manage.

Automatic Capacity Management

Manage capacity within your locations without allocating additional resources and overhead. 

Intelligent Contact Tracing

Know exact locations of impact and communicate directly to affected groups.

How It Works

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    Create Locations

    The Bird Level admin tool allows you to quickly create and manage your locations. Monitored spaces could be a single location like a classroom or key common areas like the library.

    Once created, simply print off customized QR Code flyers to hang at the entrances of each location.

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    Everyone Checks In As They Enter

    Check-ins take less than 30 seconds and are designed to get everyone in safely and efficiently.

    As students and faculty enter a tracked location, they scan the unique QR code to check in.

    The app prompts them to acknowledge the campus safety practices to help ensure compliance and they're good to go.

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    Respond quickly to any outbreak

    If a community member tests positive for COVID-19, you can create a case log, identify all checked-in locations associated to that case, and do targeted communication to other individuals who may have been exposed.

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Why Bird Level?

  • Secure QR Code
  • Manage covid-19 cases
  • Coronavirus contact tracing
  • Safely reopen your school
    Easy to Use

    Create key locations, generate customizable signs, and enable quick & efficient check-ins for every location you manage. 

  • Act fast when there is an outbreak
    Fast to Act

    Alert the community quickly in response to an outbreak, promote critical policies, and gather new insights needed to make adjustments to your plan. 

  • HIPAA Compliant
    Highly Secure

    Strict data standards that meet both HIPAA & GDPR requirements allows for safer symptom tracking, contact tracing, and policy enforcement.  

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