The Simple App for a Safe Return

Bird Level is the simplest way to manage traffic in and around the office. 

Get a daily capacity report to identify high-risk areas and quickly alert your workforce to exposure without having to shut down your whole operation. 

More scalable than spreadsheets.

Cheaper than manual check-in stations.

Safer than both.

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Take Comfort in a
Solution that Scales

Start managing your locations early and be ready for your full reopening.

Unburden the Check-in Process

Catalog key spaces, generate customizable signs, and enable quick & efficient check-ins for every location you manage. 

Be Empowered to Prevent Outbreaks

Smart contact tracing shows you which tracked spaces are tied to confirmed cases. Know who is immediately at risk and alert your workforce quickly.

Don't Compromise Security

Strict data standards that meet both HIPAA & GDPR requirements allows for safer symptom tracking and smarter policy enforcement. 

A Solution the Whole
Task Force Can Agree On

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